Announcing Alliance DAO

January 13, 2022

Announcing Alliance DAO, the world's first digital startup nation, to accelerate the best Web3 startups

Today, DeFi Alliance is leading Web3 startup accelerator.

We've built and grown a world-class support network of founders, protocols, venture investors, subject matter experts and other service providers who collectively support DeFi Alliance's startup cohorts.

What We've Accomplished

  • We’ve accelerated more than 90 startups including 15% of the top 100 DeFi projects by market capitalization. These include 0x, Alpha Finance, dYdX, Kyber, Olympus DAO, Paraswap, Ribbon Finance, Sushiswap, Synthetix, Zerion, and many others
  • Our admission rate has been well below 5% with application numbers increasing significantly each cohort.
  • Our NPS score across our 3 most recent cohorts has been 75 or higher, averaging 80 (this is considered “world class”).
  • Though we began by accelerating DeFi startups, we recently completed a Web3 games cohort and have now expanded to cover all of Web3.


But we believe we can do more. To grow Web3 to one billion users will take an even bigger effort.

This is why DeFi Alliance and hundreds of other top builders are coming together to form Alliance, the world's first digital startup nation, to accelerate the best Web3 startups.

Our digital startup nation will take form as a DAO (i.e., a decentralized autonomous organization). It will be a virtual place where startups happen:

  • New founders will join Alliance's accelerator programs to get support from mentors and from each other. Upon graduation, they can become contributors of the startup nation.
  • Domain experts, other founders and service providers will join as contributors to mentor and support new founders.
  • Contribution will be measured and supported by tools and smart contracts with an incentive model designed for every citizen to capture nation-wide output and upside.
  • Alliance will start by providing cohort-based accelerator services but we envision it growing to provide governance, recruiting, liquidity, marketing, advisory and other potential startup support services over time.
  • Though Alliance is first and foremost a digital startup nation, it ultimately may materialize itself into a much larger digital nation state.

DAOs as Digital Nations

The confluence of four mega trends creates the perfect storm for the rise of DAOs as digital nation states.

  1. Digitization of everything. Every aspect of life from work to social life is going online, but more importantly, the world of bits has been driving innovations throughout the world of atoms. Robotics, energy, biotech, space, and many other fields are all undergoing a renaissance thanks to decades of rapid advances in computing.
  2. Decentralization of global superpowers. The U.S. has been gradually losing influence as the enforcer of global order. The European Union is far less united today. China’s values are fundamentally incompatible with the West so it isn’t capable or willing to assume the role of world police either. This has created a vacuum that no single nation state can fill.
  3. The Fourth Turning. We’ve entered an era of great internal division between the establishment and commoners, between progressives and conservatives, between boomers and millennials, between the wealthy and the poor, and between capitalists and socialists. Ordinary people become increasingly frustrated with these societal issues, yet the vast majority cannot choose the society, government, and country they belong to — they are born into them.
  4. Rise of Web3. Thanks to Satoshi and all the other giants we are standing upon, a new technology has arrived and gifted us the ability to implement property rights via encryption, constitution and laws via smart contracts, taxation via token issuance, transparent policymaking via an open ledger, and international trade via DeFi.

DAOs sit at the intersection of all these mega trends. They will prove to be the first 1) primarily digital, 2) transnational, 3) frictionlessly opt-in opt-out, and 4) blockchain-enabled nation states so we’re excited to be building a DAO to service founders not only as they build but in the years beyond.

Alliance Contributors

Now for the fun part!

Alliance is a DAO built by founders for founders. We believe founders helping founders is the best model for acceleration so we're thrilled at the impressive list of founders and operators that have joined us in this journey. The list of contributors is almost too long to name but includes exceptional people from both the Web3 and Web2 worlds. Over 300 contributors have joined the DAO and its initial round, contributing $50m towards Alliance. Check out our list of contributors below.

Next Steps

Over the coming months, Alliance will start to take shape. Documentation will be released to explain how the DAO will govern and operate and what services it will provide. Importantly, details on how to join and support Alliance will also be shared. Cohort 7 (ALL7) just launched so stay tuned for an announcement of accepted startups. Applications are now open for Cohort 8 (ALL8). Click here to apply. If you're interested in joining the DAO as a contributor, please fill out our early interest form here.

In the meantime, follow our progress on Twitter @alliancedao or on our website at!

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