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Web3 founders

Alliance is the leading Web3 accelerator & founder community.

Daily 1:1 Mentorship

Direct support from veteran crypto founders. A decade of industry experience and context from over 100 Web3 startups mentored.

Weekly Lectures

Off-the-record lectures by founders of leading protocols, including Anatoly Yakovenko (Solana) & Amir Bandeali (0x).

$250k Funding

Unparalleled founder-friendly funding. $250k investment at flexible terms. (Yes, we’re in it for the tech.)

Founder Network

Access to and support from the world’s leading network of Web3 founders.

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by November 29


We’ll help you navigate the idiosyncrasies of Web3 and avoid costly mistakes. We’re here to support you, day and night.

Qiao Wang


Imran Khan


Will Robinson


Mike Wawszczak


Mohamed Fouda

Deep Tech


20+ live tactical lectures where the world’s leading crypto operators share off-the-record insight on how to succeed in Web3.

Web3 Games & Polygon

Ryan Wyatt, CEO @ Polygon Labs

What’s Next for Crypto

Ryan Selkis, Founder & CEO @ Messari

Data Securities Law

Colleen Sullivan, Co-Head Venture @ BH Digital

Solana Technical Overview

Anatoly Yakovenko, Co-Founder @ Solana ∙ CEO @ Solana Labs


Present at Demo Day – the most prestigious Web3 spotlight. Startups receive on average 50+ investor outreaches from best-in-class crypto VCs and angels.


“AI, ZK proofs, crypto wallets and dApp support among major themes at Alliance's ALL10 Demo Day”


“Say hello to the newest crypto startups from Web3 accelerator Alliance”


“Polygon devs shine at Alliance's ALL9 Demo Day”


Accelerator graduates become part of Alliance DAO, where leading Web3 builders are committed to supporting each other over the long term.

Alliance DAO

Our Program

1 week in-person onboarding followed by a 10 week fully remote program for global participants.


New York City, United States

Meet the Cohort

Start developing the relationships with peers and mentors that you’ll leverage during acceleration and beyond.

Community Platform

Gain access to founder-only forums, perks, video library and more. Leverage support from fellow Alliance founders.

WEEK 2 - 10


Mentorship & Lectures

Learn how to build in Web3 and grow your product. Start attending weekly check-ins and live lectures.

Demo Day Prep

Refine your narrative and story. While challenging, this process will help you hone your product’s pitch and vision.



Demo Day

Present your product to Web3’s leading VCs, angels & experts. Receive exclusive coverage from TechCrunch.


Demo Day presenters become Alliance DAO members – joining the most exclusive Web3 founder community.



Founder Testimonials

“Alliance's presence and value is impressive. It’s an honor to be a part of the community.

0x Labs gained immediate access to a network of founders, investors, and partners who were critical to our growth.”

“The community is amazing. We love it.

We created so many meaningful relationships with the smartest builders in the space.

Alliance also helped us – both highly technical engineers – learn more about the ‘Fi’ aspect of ‘DeFi’ and turn Zerion into a much better product.”

“A truly transformative experience.

Alliance’s mentorship helped Stepn address its core product, technical, and compliance concerns.

I am grateful for having been a part of ALL7 and highly recommend the program to fellow Web3 founders.”

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