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Alliance is the leading crypto accelerator & founder community.

$350k Funding

Interview invites sent within 2 weeks of application. Immediate funding upon admission.

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“Alliance's support was critical for Pump to find product-market fit.

The mentors were extremely helpful, even before the program began.

Whether by brainstorming new ideas, walking through problems, or making intros, it was always helpful to get their advice”.

“We wouldn't be where we are if it had not been for Alliance.

The program helped us go from an idea on a napkin to a working product and first 100 customers.

The mentorship, connections and support from other cohort founders were invaluable”.

“The community is amazing. We love it.

We created so many meaningful relationships with the smartest builders in the space.

Alliance also helped us – both highly technical engineers – learn more about the ‘Fi’ aspect of ‘DeFi’ and turn Zerion into a much better product”.

“Instrumental for our success, has increased our progress by over tenfold.

Mentors are extremely generous with their time and are able to introduce us to almost anyone we need in crypto.

Working with them was the best decision we've ever made as a crypto startup”.

“The community support has truly been invaluable as we scale.

Not only the program helped us achieve a successful launch, we were surprised to find most value coming AFTER our cohort ended.

I highly recommend every early-stage crypto founder to apply”.

“An incredibly well-run program.

Alliance has been a massive value-add to us across all business functions, including go-to-market, strategy and recruiting.

Highly recommend to all Web3 founders”.

Our Founders

Ilja Moisejevs


Richard Wu


Julian Koh


Amir Bandeali


Mounir Benchemled


Jerry H.


Travis Bickle




Join Alliance DAO

Graduate from the accelerator to join our select community of crypto founders.

Balaji Srinivasan

Angel Investor

Kain Warwick

Founder of Synthetix

Kevin Lin

Co-Founder of Twitch

Immad Akhund

Founder of Mercury

Lenny Rachisky

Angel Investor

Ilkka Paananen

Co-Founder of Supercell

Our Program

4-week in-person onboarding followed by an 8-week fully remote program for global participants.

Our Program Live Footage
Our Program Live Footage
Our Program Live Footage

WEEK 1 - 4

New York City, United States

Meet the Cohort

Start developing the relationships with peers and mentors that you’ll leverage during acceleration and beyond.

Community Platform

Gain access to founder-only forums, perks, video library and more. Get support from fellow Alliance founders.

WEEK 5 - 11


Mentorship & Lectures

Learn how to build in crypto and grow your product. Start attending weekly check-ins and live lectures.

Demo Day Prep

Refine your narrative and story. While challenging, this process will help you hone your product’s pitch and vision.



Demo Day

Present your product to crypto’s leading VCs, angels & experts. Receive exclusive coverage from TechCrunch.


Demo Day presenters become Alliance DAO members – joining the most exclusive crypto founder community.


The median Alliance startup raises $3.5M at $25M post after the program. Investors often include leading VCs, such as Paradigm, Multicoin and Dragonfly.


“Meet the startups building in crypto winter. ALL11 focuses on subsectors like NFTs, security and wallets”


“AI, ZK proofs, crypto wallets and dApp support among major themes at Alliance's ALL10 Demo Day”


“Say hello to the newest crypto startups from Web3 accelerator Alliance”

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Benefits of Crypto Founders Building in Public with Joey Krug

Basics of Early Stage Marketing with Mike Solana

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